Shelley Folkes

Shelley Folkes

Qualifications: Registered Nurse

Company: Shelley Folkes Aesthetics & Beauty

Job Title: Nurse


Qualified from Southampton University as a nurse in 2001 working for the majority of my clinical career in emergency medicine, clocking up about 16 years in A & E from junior nurse, up to senior sister. I’ve been in aesthetics 4 years, running a small but successful aesthetics and skin clinic in the centre of Hereford. My journey into aesthetics comes from battling my own skin concerns for many years and being determined to help others grow their confidence, improve self-esteem and their relationship with the mirror. I still do shifts in A & E as it remains a deep professional passion of mine too, one I doubt I’ll ever leave behind entirely. I have a fabulous but super busy family life with my partner, our children and my beloved Husky living out in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside.