Jerry Gilbert

Jerry Gilbert


Company: The CFO and FD Centre

Job Title: Regional Director


I have spent the last twenty years of my career listening to and helping business owners grow their businesses. Prior to joining the FD Centre, I worked with the FD Centre from the outside, so knew FDC well before joining.

Having seen first-hand the extraordinary difference that a good FD can make, and having run my own business without one, I can vouch for the success of working with us.

Track Record Highlights

  • I ran my own business for 8 years and built it from scratch to over 600 clients, all relationships that I developed personally. I understand the business owner's pain and challenges well.
  • I am used to working with both compact, owner-managed businesses and large, more complex organisation and know what 'good' looks like in different scenarios.
  • I have worked with business owners across multiple sectors so it is highly likely I have an understanding of your industry and the challenges you face.
  • I thrive on close working relationships and am still in touch with clients and colleagues from my first ever job. The FD Centre is a people business and our relationship with you matters enormously.

Sector Experience

  • Retail Consumer Products
  • Construction
  • Technology, Media And Telecoms
  • Banking And Financial Services
  • Manufacturing, Transport And Logistics
  • Services