Martyn Roe

Martyn Roe

Qualifications: BA (Hons)

Company: The Consulting Room Group

Job Title: Director


After roles as a Sales Representative and Regional Sales Manager with a Pharma company, Martyn joined Allergan in 1999 as a Product Specialist for the Botox® team, just as Botox® was starting to take off in the UK for aesthetic use. He met Ron Myers there and they quickly recognised that this was going to be a fast-moving and interesting market. They both left Allergan in 2002 following roles as Business Development Managers to set up their own consultancy business specialising in the aesthetics market.

Martyn has been involved in and led many new concepts and products to the aesthetic market. He has worked as a consultant to Wigmore Medical, introducing the 'one stop shop' concept and establishing their equipment division. He also worked with MERZ Pharmaceuticals, Lifestyle Aesthetics, ABC Lasers, Syneron-Candela and SkinBrands Ltd - all of which has given him a fascinating insight into various aspects of the aesthetic market.

Martyn also has experience in providing specialised consultancy services for individual clinics, helping them to develop their practices and their businesses. Martyn heads up the distribution businesses of The Consulting Room which include HydraFacial, Perk and Zenii supplements and skincare.

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