Dr Natalie Blakely

Dr Natalie Blakely


Company: Consentz

Job Title: Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Website: consentz.com/

Dr Natalie graduated from Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ medical school in 2005. She is a graduate of Goldman Sachs 10KSB Business Development Programme. Dr Natalie also set up the multi-award winning Light Touch Clinic, Weybridge in 2009.

Why I created Consentz

I run a small, extremely busy medical aesthetics clinic specializing in wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, radio frequency and laser treatments. My days are spent treating patients, with little or no time between appointments and, until recently, my evenings were spent catching up on patient admin. 

In a digital age, where most people own an iPad or tablet PC, it seemed ridiculous that among the millions of Apps on the market there was nothing to help streamline the paperwork process of cosmetic medicine practitioners like myself, enabling them see more patients and still have a life outside work!

That’s when I decided to develop a patient management system for the iPad and the idea of Consentz was borne.

Consentz is a simple, intuitive tablet-based, patient record system that takes you through the entire patient consultation from registration to treatment. It includes an integrated calendar, medical questionnaires, customized treatment forms and consent forms. Patient photos are instantly uploaded and unique colour-coded dots enable the practitioner to record the location, amount and lot number of each treatment. Voice to text transcription saves time typing up notes and patients sign with a digital stylus. All this information is saved in a secure cloud and can be retrieved in seconds. The process is quick and easy and happens in real time so you don't have to spend hours typing up notes, filing and uploading photos after work. 

Consentz enables practitioners to obtain proper and informed consent from their patients and deliver improved follow-up and after-care. The process is thorough and meets the new recommendations set down by the Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions by the Department of Health.