Claire Davis

Claire Davis


Company: Core Medical Clinics

Job Title: CEO


Claire started her first business in 2001, Claire prides herself on the fact that each business successfully grew year on year and was never in any debt. She feels much of this success was due to demonstrating and encouraging a strong work ethic, with a clear and consistent management structure, a comprehensive day to day operational internal structure, staff development, accountably, retention, but most of all instilling an excellent teamwork culture.

With this in mind over the past few years Claire has actively concentred on providing businesses with the guidance on how to increase not only turnover but bottom line profit. Claire has a real passion for restructure, accurate policies and procedures that represent the day to day aspects of the operational business, creating internal structure and accountability, CQC, but most of all focusing on staff development and accountably which enables a business to achieve a competent, happy and successful team, therefore a truly successful business.