Our Philosophy

“Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age.” - Aristotle

Martyn Roe            Ron Myers

We love to learn - and we invest thousands in our own personal education every year. We also enjoy training and imparting information - and have a long heritage in creating  courses and conferences that, we hope, provide quality content and advice for people who work in the aesthetic industry.

The SMART Ideas format is our favourite event, as we sit down ourselves and plan every year to improve the service that we provide to our customers in our own businesses, we encourage anyone working in an aesthetic clinic to take a day away from the busy "coal face" to take stock and evaluate how they're going to move forward in 2017.

SMART IDEAS provides an opportunity for you to explore the very latest product innovations, alongside reviewing core business principles related to running an aesthetic clinic.

We've worked in the non-surgical cosmetic industry as it's evolved over the last 20 years. From being involved in the launch of Botox to creating scientific conferences, distribution business models, information websites and launching many new product concepts, we have gathered a unique insight and understanding of the dynamics of our industry. In addition, we have first-hand experience of launching and running a successful CQC registered cosmetic clinic and clinical trial centre ourselves. 

The knowledge that we have accumulated means that we genuinely understand the challenges involved in making decisions about where clinics should invest their money – both in terms of new products and equipment and marketing budget. These decisions become even more important in an increasingly competitive marketplace where prices in some market sectors have been falling due to lack of regulation in the non-surgical aesthetic market.

SMART ideas provides an informal and friendly opportunity for you to explore unique new products, have personal demonstrations, discuss your business model and have a free web evaluation with our experts who have specialised knowledge of the aesthetic industry - all in one day!

If you can’t make the whole meeting, we’re also flexible enough to work around your day if there’s something specific that you want to see or discuss!

Bring your team and use this as a day to learn and discuss new practical strategies and clinical opportunities that you can incorporate in your concept to grow your business over the coming year.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Martyn Roe & Ron Myers

Directors of The Consulting Room™  

For more information about how we can help you increase your profits and access unique industry information to help you grow your business please visit: www.consultingroom.com/members/register

For information on UK Training Opportunities visit: www.cosmetictraining.co.uk or telephone 01788 577254 for more details.